Flower revolutionary
Peony Lim
Lifestyle Influencer
Seven inspired, dynamic women; allies of The Flower Revolution.

Photographed dressed only in flowers, a symbol of soft power, to celebrate the feminine strength that lies within all womankind, and how it can unite to transform lives around the world.

This passionate, female collective of philanthropists, models, artists and leading voices, take a conscious stance and join Sana Jardin’s Flower Revolution. A cycle of change created through the Beyond Sustainability™ Movement, to economically empower the women involved in the creation of luxury perfume.

Together they stand for a collective humanity, in the knowledge we can all make a difference in the world.
About Peony
Your 3 favorite Sana Jardin fragrances?
My favourite scents are Berber Blonde, Revolution de la Fleur and Savage Jasmine.

How do you hope your blog will elevate and empower women?
I hope my blog sends a positive message about being unique, multiracial and supportive of all other women, not just the ones that confirm to current trends.

What do you believe is the importance of supporting ethical brands?
Supporting ethical brands is a small way we can all move the economy behind brands that will shape a world we want to live in in the future. Small choices can make big changes.

What is special about Sana Jardin to you?
I love her message of female empowerment.
Peony's favourite fragrance:
Revolution de la fleur
Eau de Parfum N°. 7
Where she wanders, they follow. Her twinkling laughter, her golden aura, her sensuous presence, her soft strength...
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