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The seven eaux de parfum exude nature’s most exotic scents that harness the healing powers of essential oils and work to economically empower the female flower harvesters who help create the perfume.

Berber blonde

A shimmering star in the night sky.
Uplifting with the healing properties of orange blossom. For a charged atmosphere with a bit of magic.
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Tiger by her side

The power of surrender. Balancing with velvety Moroccan rose and warm amber. For a seductive and exotic journey.
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Savage Jasmine

Hedonistic Sensuality. Musky notes intertwined with jasmine promote wellbeing and positivity. For the after-dark moment unleashing exotic.
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Sandalwood temple

Mysterious and Avantgarde. Deepen your connection with East Indian sandalwood and a hint of vetiver. For the invoking and transcending moment.
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Celestial Patchouli

The cosmopolitan spice. Explore the cosmos with the aromatic depths of patchouli, leather and cinnamon. For the Hippy du Luxe.
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Nubian Musk

A Sensuous Encounter. Show your passion and recall your scent of skin with a blend of musk. For amplified intimacy.
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Revolution de la fleur

Captive on the beach. Inspire with exotic floral notes of frangipani, rose, jasmine and Madagascan ylang ylang. For the tropical twinkle.
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Discovery set

Disover the world of Sana Jardin and their seven signature scents. Awaken. Transcend. Empower. A perfect Stocking Filler.
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