Sandalwood Temple 2ml in card

Sandalwood Temple 2ml in card

Eau de Parfum
No. 4

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Discover a sanctuary of solace. A deep sensory embrace that seeps into your soul. The mystical, inviting depths of East Indian sandalwood essence, cedarwood Atlas oil and Haitian vetiver oil; a heady burst of Moroccan neroli oil and the creamy, enveloping comfort of vanilla. A quietly addictive scent that invokes both the sacred and sensual.

Mystical East Indian sandalwood, creamy Madagascan vanilla, Haitian vetiver, Moroccan neroli and cedarwood weave together to form an addictive scent that invokes the sacred and the sensual.

Healing properties of Sandalwood:
With the highest of plant vibrations, and used for centuries to open the third eye, transcend to a higher spiritual realm; align the chakras, and deepen connection with your divine spirit

Fragrance Layering Suggestions:
Body: Sandalwood Temple
Hair: Savage Jasmine

All of our fragrances are free from artifical colours, parabens and formaldehydes
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