Tiger By Her Side 2ml in card

Tiger By Her Side 2ml in card

Eau de Parfum
No. 2

$ 0.00

An eau de parfum with the power of surrender. A seductive, exotic ‘Floriental’ that marries a warm, sensual amber accord with the velvety depth of Moroccan rose, and the aromatic intensity of Indonesian patchouli, and Somalian incense. Inspired by myths of ancient Egypt’s High Priestesses, whose perfume-adorned powers enabled them walk with the tiger by their side and connect to their true power and unleash their innate wildness.

Warm amber marries with velvety Moroccan rose, mystical Indonesian patchouli, and moodily intense Somalian incense. Explore the seductive and mysterious.

Healing properties of Amber:
Balances emotions and energy, clears and empowers the mind, cleanses spirit, lifts mood and sensuality.

Fragrance Layering Suggestions:
Body: Tiger by her Side
Hair: Berber Blonde

All of our fragrances are free from artifical colours, parabens and formaldehydes
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