Eau de Parfum
No. 8

$ 225.00
  • 100ml / 3.4oz
  • 50ml / 1.7oz

Indian tuberose, the goddess of flowers, blooms in the still of night. A centuries-old offering to female deity Lakshmi; an embodiment of the divine feminine; a guardian of the sensual spirit. Her intoxicating floral perfume, caressed with Moroccan jasmine, narcisse and musk, rises chant-like in a spiralling meditative ascent to the realms above. A rhythmic, irresistible call to love.

Notes: Top: Italian Lemon, Sfuma Primofiore, Clove Leaf Oil
Heart: Indian Tuberose Absolute, Moroccan Jasmine Absolute , French Narcisse Absolute
Base: Galaxolide, ᅠMuscenone

Healing properties of Tuberose:A centuries-old psycho-spiritual remedy, used in Ayurveda to open the heart and crown chakras, encourage psychic sensitivity, stimulate creativity, attract love and intensify emotions.

Fragrance Layering suggestions: Body: Sandalwood Temple
Hair: Jaipur Chant

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